LED illuminated channel letters

For years, the channel of the letter made the difference between advertising the company. RESTAURANTS, TAVERN, HOSPITALS and many others are buyers of LED illuminated channel letters.

The standard LED channel letters by Croativno are three-dimensional elements that attract attention and indicate space. The letter channel is made of metal in which LED diodes are used, which consume minimally and durability is multi-year. Led diodes can glow on the face of the letter through the plexiglas in various colors or on the back of the letter or sign.
Light LED letters are the ideal way to give the dimension and make your advertisement interesting. With the light block letters, you immediately attribute the quality of your company’s image and will also attract your customers.
Croativno has a spectrum of light block letters in its standard offering, where the letters are cut into a plexiglas and illuminated, to a halo effect where the face of the letter blocks the light and the background behind the letters is illuminated. With 3D letters, we can incorporate a sensor that pops up advertising when the light decreases while the outside light becomes too strong. The housings, the channels are metal and can be painted in the default color.
Light LED channel letters are designed and cut to your font and footer.

LED light boxes

Light commercials are one of the best ways to attract attention to your advertising as well as one of the most sophisticated ways. The face of the advertisement can be two or more colors and you can also have a photo digitally printed. Bright backlit advertisement can be one-sided or two-sided. If you move into a new store where there is an existing lightbox, but your face does not match, we can only change the front page for you and keep your cost to a minimum. You can use Advertising Light Boxes in retail outlets, trains, hotels, clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, boats, offices, fairs and many other facilities. Nothing will attract as much attention as your light commercial, day or night!

Lightweight light boxes with backlighting are made of an anodized aluminum profile. The boxes are filled with LED modules. As a rule, we do not use cheaper PVC profiles because they are not of high quality for our standards. In the sun, they lose shape in time, which does not happen with aluminum profiles.

Our specialists will help you find the solution for your light advertising according to your budget and needs.


Flags are great at every location. Croativno flags are a great means of attracting attention.
Our flags are available in various sizes and colors and we can fit them according to your needs.

You can put your company logo or prominent product on the flag.

Flags are popular for large and small firms. If you look around the city, you will see the flags that represent companies from many industry branches such as furniture shops, outlets, sales centers, auto dealers, sports centers, fitness clubs and many more. Flags are also used at fairs, amusement parks, large openings and etc.