3D wall logo

Styrofoam and striae can be used as letters, logos, signs for interior decoration or exteriors. Styrofoam boards are molded by special machines or molded into shapes that the designer prepares. After the machining process, 3D characters and characters are processed, and finally both are in the default color. Such letters, unlike light bulbs in the metal housing, are less resistant to damage if the styrofoam or striae hits a sharp object (similar to fa├žades of similar materials). Otherwise, 3D letters or characters are weather-resistant.
We added a picture gallery of the last advertisement we made at the end of 2010 for a boutique located in City Center One. 3D fonts are made of styrofoam and we have gone with two different thicknesses of characters. One part is 3cm and the other is 5cm. The letters are golden in color and the impression is that they are of metal. Considering the very low weight of the letter insertion, it is simple and it is sufficient for the sticky sticker to fasten the letters. Along with letters we also send a template that facilitates character positioning. This is the best example of how characters and styrofoam characters can be prestigious, elegant and costly to look at although their price is quite reasonable.
If you have any questions, please contact us. 3D letters and characters are sent by shipment throughout Croatia. We also have a network of colleagues installers around the country.

Floor Decals

Look at the floor where you can see more floor graphics that you can see in many business centers and areas. The underlying graphics are set up in freeride spaces where numerous customers can easily see the attractive floor graphics with the message you want to send.
You can place a logo, promotional marketing message, or any photo in full color on the advertising floor label. We print floor graphics on a protective vinyl covered by special plasticization that keeps such sings and prevents people from slipping on it. Such a label is usually rectangular but can be of any other shape.

The floor graphics are easy to clean and remove. You can now make the most of the space that you have not used so far and promoted your various activities and promotions on your floor as well as the products you want to highlight. A logical choice for such applications is supermarkets and food-serving facilities where customers can present specific products or introduce them to popular brands. Most often the producers whose goods you sell are funded by placing such advertisements.

Floor decals are commonly used in auto dealers, retailers, boutiques and financial institutions.

Signs for hospitality and catering facilities.

Croativno has a complete offer that can satisfy your hospitality and catering business. From the price lists, signboards, dashboards and directories, Croativno offers you everything from design to manufacture and installation.

Apllying On Kapafix with Aluminum Frames

You’ve probably seen impressive large photographs framed in elegant 2 cm thin silver or black aluminum frames, and you did not know how these pictures work and who can do it. All you have to do is bring or mail the photo you want to have printed with the latest UV-resistant painted machines, the corked Stick Line or the Hard Back Hard Case, which is actually a 1cm thick thick foam. There are other materials that can be used instead of foam caps such as forex or dibos. The photo can be plastified with glossy or matt plasticisation. It would be ideal to put such a photograph in an elegant aluminum frame in silver or black. If you decide to put the Stick Line on the wall without an aluminum frame, it will come to a slight twist of that foam material after some time. With the aluminum frame you have the ability to change the image with the frame that you can separate to save and insert a new image into it.