Digital print


Windows graphic

Turn your empty showcase into an attractive inventory that makes your brand more relevant and your products more attractive with Signature Digital Film and Window Graphics.

• Window graphic can be applied to any glass surface.

• The front is a print with a sticky background even though it is possible to glue the window graphics inside.

• Croativno uses the best of colors and materials and is easy to work with.

• Ideal for promotions, discounts and sales.

• Vibrant color printing with the latest technology.

• Quick installation. An excellent look has been kept for years. Sometimes in business, especially in retail, it is difficult to catch the attention of potential customers. Standard commercials are sometimes simply not enough. By painting your table we can help you get that look that will help you to be noticed. Window frosting make your business more attractive and your products to potential customers more desirable and appealing. Whether it’s promotions, discounts, breakdowns, working hours, new season or your foot steps, window art is an ideal choice.

Window labels and graphic are a great way to attract customers to your space. Window graphic are ideal for all types of businesses including:

• Retail outlets

• Restaurants

• Fast food restaurants

• Boutiques

• Shops

• State institutions

Product Information:

Window graphics:

• Scratchy window art that lets you look from the inside out.

• A full film that can be applied on the inside or outside.

• Possibility of partial covering.

• An affordable solution for advertising on your location.

Digital printing

In Croativno, our design team can design and make graphic design for all kinds of graphic products for all your marketing needs and we can produce such material in our center. Whether you need invitations, flyers, brochures, presentation folders, memos, prospectuses, ticket visits, printed envelopes, prices, menus, accreditations, Loyalty Cards, blocks, the Croativno team can do anything from the idea to the finished product.