Arrangement of business and residential places

Beautify your home or business space with photobooks, pictures, decorative stickers. In Croativno you can find different solutions and motives with top-notch digital printing and assembly of our team. We use the most modern technology that is ecologically acceptable and the colors are not done with the diluent and you will not feel any smell and without fear, you can put our products in the dining room.

Photo wallpapers – Wall graphics

Our design team can help you edit your space by photographing or illustrating ecological prints on different types of photo prints. Whether the motif of nature, the panorama of a city or something else, the photobook will refresh and fill every space. We work wallcases according to your measures and motives according to your wishes. Almost an unlimited number of photos, which you can apply to your walls, are at your disposal. Decorating Walls with Wall Murals ensures the current transformation of the look of your room or space.

Pictures on canvas

Photographs on canvas painted over blind rams are very popular in the world. Apart from being affordable, they are suitable for decorating various interiors such as hotel spaces and rooms, for restaurant and cafeteria, offices, apartments and apartments. This image can be a very original gift for any occasion.

Want to have a picture that no one else has? Or maybe you have a special photo you would like to enlarge and hang on the wall?

You’ve come to the right place! Croativno offers you prints of your favorite photos on canvas. Ideal for any living room, room, office … or as a gift to a dear person or friend.
Photos from your digital photo camera or some other media by transferring canvas to canvas get a completely different effect. Such a picture looks like an art oil on canvas.
All you have to do is email us your favorite photo. We will turn it into a work of art stretched over a wooden blind ram.
The quality and size of the print depends on the quality of the original photo.

Decorative and informative wall stickers


These labels are made of monochrome labels in a variety of colors that are cut by special machines on letters and various other shapes. Such labels stick to all hard and smooth surfaces. This way you can mark exhibitions, waiting areas, conference halls and many other venues.

It can also help you in designing and graphing your wall stickers. Many historical monuments and museums on their walls have information made in this way to inform visitors.

Here are some of the spaces that can be tagged in this way:

• Hotels

• Convention Centers

• Various real estates

• Museums

• State institutions

• Medical institutions

• Internet cafe

• Car salons

• Shopping Centers

• Corporate Rooms and Offices

• Sports centers

• Restaurants

• Schools

• Cafés

• Cinemas

• Hospitals