Vehicle and Boat Graphic and Lettering


Vehicle wrap with advertisment


A vehicle wrap is the most cost-effective way of advertising today. While the impact of other commercials is limited, the wrapped vehicle works for you non-stop. Vans wrap, delivery vans and trucks with an advertisement are one of the most effective forms of advertising. That way, you have a 24-hour advertising 365 days a year. Such vehicles usually drive the territory covered by your business and with your daily commitments, such a branded vehicle covers the market that is interesting to you both day and night. When you arrive at Croativno in Split, our designer will help you find the most effective solution for your car or your vehicle that will bring you new customers and only increase your job and will return your investment very quickly.

As each vehicle is of different dimensions, after carefully caring for your vehicle, our designers, according to your needs, prepare a graphical solution that is then printed on special vinyl which is then wrapped onto your vehicle.

The most commonly used commercials for this type of commercial vehicle are used for restaurant and fast food outlets, catering vehicles, flower shops, construction companies, plumbing, electricians, woodworkers, glassmakers and many others. The vehicle must necessarily be prominent information as potential clients and customers can come to you so it would be good to point out information such as phone number, website, address, and the like. The first plan usually comes with the product or service you offer. The best effects and the most attention are drawn to photos and examples can be found on the attached pictures.
There are many graphic advertising solutions on your vehicle so you can go with a photo, a monochrome text, a logo. We can adjust your budget so you get the highest value for your money.
While driving in traffic, or while your vehicle is parked somewhere along the road, you are sure your advertisement is working for you.

Magnetic advartisment for vehicles

Croativno car magnets are the right choice for those who want to use car advertising with the added convenience of a temporary sign that can be easily removed whether it’s text itself or prints commercials.
Our most advanced digital printing capabilities enable us to create advertising according to the needs of your company. The best part is that if you want to drive without ads, you simply remove it.

Signs, lettering and registrations numbers for boats.

Signs and registrations for ships are made of durable films in different colors.

Lettering and registrations for inflatables boats and byboats

Applying stickers or the name of a boat on a dinghy is made of special vinyl, rather thin and rubber, for bonding on soft substrates such as a dinghy, PVC tents or tarpaulins. Such a version behaves the same as the material on the dinghy. If the inadequate foil is used instead of this foil, registration will soon fall off.
In Croativno we can make proper computer registration cut out of the thin and soft color film you need and send you by mail.