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A board

Perfect for retail, special events and real estate. Boards are a viable but cost-effective way to show your message.

We can offer different versions of A board. The most popular are the aluminum click-through mechanism that allows instant change of graphics. They are made of aluminum profile. The background is made of galvanized sheet steel that gives the aluminum A stand more strength. We can also design digital print materials for this kind of advertising. And the desk is easily foldable and portable. It can be used during day and night to take it for safety.

Roll Up Banners

Many titles are used for this product, such as pull up banners, roll up banners, penguins, roller banners. Roll up banner is a very flexible marketing tool. The standard height is 200cm and the width varies from 85cm, 100cm, 120cm, 200cm. Roll up banners can be used for different occasions. You can see it at various fairs, promotions, conferences, openings, presentations of new products or services. In addition to attracting attention, the advantage is that it slides into the case and therefore has a small volume and is lightweight so it does not need the power to transfer it. The assembly is very simple and it takes a few minutes to roll up the banner. The print is durable so it can be used for years. If you have the image you want to change our experts can change the image for you and install a new one. In our Croativno center in Split, we can design and print any material for you.