It is impossible to unite high quality, top quality service and low price. At Split’s Croativno Graphic Center, sometimes our potential client explains that he is looking for “the most favorable offer” in the conversation shows that he is thinking of the cheapest bid. Our design graphic center is oriented to high quality, top quality service at a fair price. High quality means a lot and I can not list everything here but here are a couple of things that you can understand better about what I’m talking about: excellent design, top quality materials, original colors. What does this mean in practice? One of our popular products is canvas print on canvas painting. Our slats are 3cm thick and have a French wedge joint, have bent edges so that the canvas does not lean over the entire surface of the batten, the cloth is top quality 100% cotton free polyester and we do not use inexpensive replacement colors, we do not work with colors on a water base that shakes or is in contact with the fluid differs. When some client says that he has found someone who, for example, does the same “product”, for example, 30% cheaper, he is not aware that it is not the same product. A few days ago, I saw a painted vans on the parking lot that did not make Croativno, which you can see on the attached photo, which was printed so hard that it was unrecognizable what the advertisements were to be. Probably that owner also sought the “most favorable” offer. Such a bid at the end of the fall is the most unfavorable because in this case it is necessary to remove such cracked foil, which is not easy or cheap, reprint the material on the foils that are foreseen for such jobs and is considerably more expensive than the inadequate foil used for this job and use the original colors instead of the cheap replacement colors of suspicious quality.



Vrhunska usluga znači da odgovorite na telefonski poziv nakon drugog zvona, da ostanete u kontatku s klijentom sve dok se posao ne završi. Također ukoliko dođe do reklamacije da popravite svoju grešku bez izbjegavanja odgovornosti.

Da rezimiramo. Ukoliko koristite kvalitetne skuplje materijale, dobar dizajn, pružate vrhunsku uslugu ne možete biti cijenom konkurentni netkome tko to ne radi jer imate veće troškove. Klijent prilikom kupnje ima cijenu koju treba platiti i trošak. Cijenu plati samo jedanput a trošak se javlja u eksploataciji proizvoda. Znači u ovom slučaju s kombijem trošak će pojesti uštedu koja je ostvarena prilikom plaćanja oslikavanja vozila neadekvatnim materijalima te se posao mora napraviti ponovo uz dodatni trošak čišćenja vozila.