Menu Board is the most effective advertisement you can use in fast food and restaurant.

Digital display is the most effective advertisement you can use in fast food and restaurant.
The menu board will first notice the guest, and when he approaches the board on the menu board he will ask for the food he will order. That’s why it’s important for visuals, images to look attractive and that you can easily change movies that we can design for your needs.
It is important that digital display is well lit, you should divide it into several segments. On the video you can see three segments that are wide at 115cm. When you have more segments you can divide them by type of dishes such as main courses, desserts, drinks, appetizers, barbecued meals, fish, etc.
Each image should be accompanied by a brief description of each dish as well as the price. What’s most important is that you have an attractive picture. It would be best to have a picture of a photographer who knows the job and has the necessary equipment. At Croativno we can provide you with studio photography and design of your own visuals, and of course, we also make menu boards.
You do not need to look at this at a cost rather than on an investment, because the menu board will increase sales especially of the dishes you have highlighted.

I’ve already mentioned that I was McDonald’s franchise for ten years in Split. This is probably why many hosts came to Croativno.


At foreign airports there are a lot of catering facilities and I noticed that they mostly have above the image service or price on the board menu. One such menu of product pictures to install Ketchup fast food in Solin. The sandwich plate with sandwiches, pizza and other dishes is 220cm wide and 60cm high. The material itself is resistant to smoke and heat conditions in fast food. Our designer has designed a graphical solution and design. The advertising board is plastified which increases the resistance to impact on such types of objects and is embedded in steel knit stitches. I’m sorry I did not paint space before placing a commercial post because the difference is significant. Such a dash affects sales increase and improves the look of the object itself.