Pvc baner cerada postavljena na ogradu koristeći alkice i vezice.

Pvc baner cerada postavljena na ogradu koristeći alkice i vezice.

When someone asks me what would be best for promotion or a campaign that is of limited duration not to spend a lot of money, I always suggest the banner.

The first posters appeared in 1931. It is about thirty years before the start of the career of Don Draper, which I like to watch in the Mad Men series. Throughout eighty years, outdoor advertising has transformed into LED displays, digital commercials, neon advertising that loses the battle with LED diodes, commercials on painted buses, cars and other vehicles, mobile advertising and PVC banners. PVC banners are currently considered one of the cheapest solutions for marketing and various promotions. In recent years, the quality of the materials and the colors that already have UV protection have significantly increased.

While I was worked as a franchisee at McDonald’s, Split often had promotions and we got a marketing material package. Every time the bundle of promotional packages was also the banners we used both inside and outside the restaurant. I also had two generic banners I wore when they were sponsors at an event that was just a logo and a restaurant address. In these ten years, the evolution of PVC banners was evident. At first, we had banners that had written with foil color to it eventually turned into high-quality images in full-color digital print directly on PVC banner. At that time, I did not know that I would be ready to do all that we got in the marketing material. I’m sure it was my experience at McDonald’s that put me to go in this industry and to open a franchise graphic studio center Signarama because I had already realized that this industry has a past and a future. I’ll give you a few reasons why bargains are one of the best options for your promotional material and you should not forget:

PVC banners can be used for outdoor and indoor promotional campaigns:

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of PVC banners compared to other advertising media such as posters, digital displays, other POP materials … They can be used for various internal advertising and promotion purposes as well as in external marketing campaigns. The reason for this versatility lies in the fact that today the banner is a very flexible and durable material, at least one that we use, which can well withstand exposure to virtually any weather conditions. Okay, I do not want to give you a false hope, if the bush outside the trees and turning the shacks do not hope the banner will survive. Another aspect is that in outdoor conditions the banner can last from 6 months to a year depending on the use. The use of original colors with built-in UV protection allows better UV resistance and reduces color reproduction.

veliki PVC baner


If your ad is not readable or understandable then it may happen that you lose potential customers and that your marketing plan, promotion, or campaign is falling nonsense. Many companies today are looking for affordable advertising materials that can easily reach consumers. Without a blinker, it is about someone who drives a street or goes to the sidewalk.
Your banner will be noticed if it is readable and understandable. The letters you use must be easily legible. It would be ideal to use thicker fonts with a color that stands out from the surface.

Banner size is important:

Many companies and marketing professionals do not understand the role played by the PVC banner size. If you place your PVC banner in a busy part of the city or at a mall then the banner hammock will be at least medium in size and in colors that immediately catch attention. If you put the banner on the wall then the banner and letter wrap should be large enough to be seen from the desired distance. The advantage of banners is that it is easy to make the desired size.